Smiling Girl

On January 6, 1964 a girl in charge of sound recording at the Korean Film Studio was engrossed in her work.

Hearing somebody at the door, she turned her head.

A young man was stepping into the room.

She greeted the stranger with a slight bow.

“I am here to do recording for film music,” he said.

The girl said in a faltering voice that he should obtain an approval first.

“Yes, you are right. I must get an approval. I have almost made a serious mistake.”

“Well, according to discipline you must…”

“I understand. I have forgotten it.”

He comforted her and turned round to walk out, when the officials at the studio stepped in.

They had been informed of his visit belatedly.

He exchanged greetings with them and told them what had happened just before.

They looked at the girl with reproach.

Her face flushed red.

Kim Jong Il said in a gentle voice, “Today I have almost made a serious mistake. I have forgotten it! If that girl had not reminded me of the discipline, both she and I would have breached it.”

The officials, as well as the girl, laughed in a cheerful mood.

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