Ogye and Wollang Farms in Anbyon County of Kangwon Province Inspected

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, visited the Ogye and Wollang farms in Anbyon County of Kangwon Province to give field guidance over the work for eradicating the damage to crop by a typhoon.

He was accompanied by Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and premier of the Cabinet, Jo Yong Won, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and secretary of the WPK Central Committee, Kim Jae Ryong, member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the WPK Central Committee, Ju Chol Gyu, alternate member of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, vice-premier and chairman of the Agricultural Commission, Kim Yo Jong, deputy department director of the WPK Central Committee, and Air Force General Kim Kwang Hyok, commander of the Air Force.

Going round paddy fields in the typhoon-affected areas, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un received a general report on the recovery from the damage and learned in detail about the relevant agro-technical measures for overcoming the damage.

Looking at the farm fields promising rich harvest after the complete recovery from the damage, he said with pleasure that they are permeated with devoted efforts of the service personnel and that rich harvest is expected even in those farm fields, hit by the natural disaster, thanks to their patriotism and loyalty.

He made sure that helicopters and light transport aircraft of an air force unit of the Korean People’s Army were mobilized as a step for improving the growth state of crops in inundated fields, and personally organized and commanded the work for spraying pesticides.

Upon receiving his orders, the airmen of KPA Unit 2623 went into the flight task at once and successfully sprayed pesticides on the relevant flooded areas, with a mind to discharge their duty and absolute mission as the people’s army that is always full ready for any task for protecting the lives, security and happiness of the people.

Kim Jong Un expressed thanks to the KPA service personnel who cleared out the scars of damage caused by the typhoon and greatly contributed to improving the nutrition of paddy rice by turning out in the struggle to carry out the orders of the Party Central Committee at any cost and displaying to the full their boundless devotion and patriotism.

Noting with high appreciation that the KPA service personnel have successfully fulfilled their duty to improve the growth of crops in the wake of performing a miracle of recovering flooded farmland in a brief span of time by going into the recovery work just after the outbreak of the typhoon damage, he said that the strong mental world of the service personnel, who are brave in battlefields, always take the lead in implementing the Party’s policies, defend the interests of the people, protect the property of the country and contribute to the grain production, is the quality peculiar to the KPA and their due obligation and duty.

Saying it was not only for as many as 200 hectares of flooded farmland that the Party Central Committee mobilized the service personnel for the campaign for recovery from the typhoon damage, he stressed that it decided to assign such an honourable task to the KPA as we cannot lose even a phyong of farmland to the natural rampage on the agricultural front directly related with the people’s living like we cannot give up even an inch of land to the enemy in a battlefield. The army should become true servants of the people who never makes any concession in defending the people’s well-being, he added.

One of the important purposes in organizing the recovery campaign by KPA soldiers was to give fuller play to the mental strength and fighting efficiency peculiar to the People’s Army and incite it to be more deeply aware of its inherent mission and duty, by dispatching service personnel to the front for defending the people’s lives and properties once again, and to educate and awaken the people and officials of agricultural guidance organs in the relevant regions to manage and tend dear land in their residential areas with much care by following the fighting spirit of the service personnel, he noted.

He said with great satisfaction that the KPA fully demonstrated once again the boundless loyalty and fighting spirit of the revolutionary army in the campaign for recovery from natural disaster, true to its proud tradition that it has devotedly carried out the orders and instructions by the Party Central Committee and true to the Party’s trust and expectation and in particular, the relevant combat sub-units of KPA Unit 2623, KPA Unit 863 and KPA Unit 974 displayed their strong militant might.

He stressed that the relevant flood-hit farms should turn out as one in the agricultural production with confidence and cultivate the crops in the second half of growth scientifically and technologically in conformity with the topographical features and natural and climatic conditions and concentrate all efforts on ensuring the successful conclusion of this year’s farming.

He also called upon all the officials and working people in the agricultural sector to minimize damage by disastrous climate by turning out in the struggle once again to attain the goal of grain production for this year without fail and manure and cultivate crops in a scientific and effective way to ensure the safe growth of crops and thus reap a good harvest at all farms across the country.

Stressing once again that the whole country should take more thorough measures for preventing damage and develop the ability to cope with crisis, he said that in particular, it is necessary to revise and examine the overall ability to prevent natural disaster, including the project for repairing and reinforcing facilities so that the farmland and crops could not suffer natural damage, and to find weak points and take prompt and timely measures and thus be fully prepared for coping with any disastrous climate on the initiative.

Seeing the whole of the Ogye Farm and the Wollang Farm in Anbyon County, which has been spruced up thanks to the patriotic devotion of the KPA, he warmly said that he hoped for rich harvest and happiness on the lands hit by natural disaster.


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