Advice on Logic of Life

On March 4, 2001 Kim Jong Il met a senior official of the State Merited Chorus to inquire about the old artistes in and out of their work.

Calling an old hornist’s name, he asked how he was getting along.

The man was a skilled musician and, although far over 60, was striving to sustain the peculiar tone of his instrument.

The General once called him a gifted artiste worthy of a world record.

The official said to him, “The man lost his wife last year and lives with his children. They complain that he has grown nervous at home as never before. They wonder why.”

Kim Jong Il laughed loud, and said reprovingly:

“You are not well versed in the logic of life.

“An old saying goes that a nervous widower and a sad widow make a new family.”

The official was confused at first and, after reflecting on it, realized what it meant.

The General resumed, “Understanding his feelings, you should arrange his remarriage in a month and report back to me.”

“I see,” replied the official, blushing with embarrassment. Afterwards, the artiste was remarried.

Informed of the news, the General asked the official, “Is he happy now?”

“Yes. He is working with youthful vigour. He does not get nervous any longer.”

Kim Jong Il was pleased with the reply.

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