“Long Live General Kim Il Sung!”

President Kim Il Sung in his speech to the Pyongyang mass meeting of welcoming his triumphal return to the homeland on October 14 Juche 34(1945) said that the Korean people, who were liberated from the colonial rule by the Japanese imperialists, are full of enthusiasm for building a new democratic Korea, and that they can build an independent sovereign state, rich and democratic, by their own efforts.

When he called on them to contribute positively to the work of building the state, let those with strength give their strength; let those with knowledge give their knowledge; let those with money give their money; the crowd heartily responded to his call, shouting “Long live General Kim Il Sung!” at the top of their voice.

Covering the event, the then Pyongyang Minbo dated October 15 1945 reported:

“When General Kim Il Sung, a hero whom the Korean compatriots worshipped and longed for, made his imposing appearance, the audience burst into deafening cheers and most of them shed tears of emotion.”

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