Anecdote about Great Man on April Spring Day (2)

A Hen and Eggs Given Back to Owner

On April 13 of one year during the Fatherland Liberation War between June 1950 and July 1953, President Kim Il Sung happened to know that officials were making preparations for his birthday and called an official to him.

He asked the official why he had been to a village that day.

The official honestly answered that he bought a hen and a straw wrapper of eggs at the village.

After a while, the President said: We are still in a hard war, so how can we think about my birthday?

Then the official with his eyes brimming with tears earnestly asked the President to let him serve them at breakfast on the President`s birthday since it had already been bought.

The hen you bought may breed chicks and therefore it would be far better to return it to multiply chicken than to eat, the President said. And as he tenderly patted him on the back, he kindly said that he would accept their sincere congratulations with pleasure when the war was over.

After all, the official was compelled to return the hen and eggs to the former owner.

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