Roads to Front in the Pictures

99 curves in the Chol Pass, 152 curves in the cliffy road of Mt. Osong and voyage to Cho Island in wind and waves are the roads to the front taken by Chairman Kim Jong Il, which were deeply kept in the mind of the Korean people.

At that time, no one could know how much trouble he had to take these roads.

With the revolutionary armed forces further strengthened, man-made satellites flied up leaving the earth, many monumental structures were built in all places of the country and industrial revolution took place in the new century.

Pictures show that all these innovative successes were exchanged for the pains taken by Chairman Kim Jong Il on his field guidance to front.

On April 9, the significant day of celebrating the 30th anniversary when Chairman Kim Jong Il was elected the Chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission, the great personality of the Chairman who achieved an immortal exploit with his heavy responsibility of the Chairman of the National Defense Commission is recollected with deep emotion.

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