Paternal Love for Younger Generation

President Kim Il Sung who was on an inspection tour of a farm one December day decades ago asked a farm official how many schoolchildren were supplied with school uniforms.

At his report that all the schoolchildren were supplied with uniforms, the President told him to bring some children in uniform.

He wrapped the hands of the joyful children and rubbed their cheeks to warm them and asked how many students were there in the family of each schoolchild and if everyone was supplied with uniforms in time. Then he quietly said that none of them were wearing an overcoat.

After being informed of the actual situation by the official, the President suggested providing schoolchildren with overcoats as soon as possible and took a measure for the supply of materials.

Referring to children’s clothing condition he had acquainted himself with while inspecting different local areas, he said he made sure that a state measure was taken as it would be difficult for parents to provide all their children with clothes at a time.

The President’s journey of inspection was indeed a tour of love for younger generations.

Once a foreign head of state asked the President how his state was able to provide uniforms for so many schoolchildren all across the country at such a great loss. Then he answered that the state’s “loss” for the people is not a loss and that the more money it spends for the wellbeing of the people the greater joy the Workers’ Party of Korea feels, and the more “loss” we suffer for the younger generation the greater satisfaction we feel.

Of such was the love of the President for younger generations.

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