Veteran Statesman of World Politics

Veteran Statesman of World Politics

April 15, 2022 marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung.

President Kim Il Sung performed brilliant exploits deeply etched in human history with his outstanding revolutionary activities.

For over 80 years of his life the President, through his outstanding ideological and theoretical activities and revolutionary practice, put forward the man as the master of the world, shed the light on the road of shaping the destiny of the masses of the people, and opened up a new era of independence.

In his lifetime he travelled 520 000km on 106 occasions to pay official visits to 16 countries in the world, and met a total of 70 000 foreigners, including heads of party, state and government of over 130 countries to give clear-cut answers to the problems arising in the building of new societies and international relations and explain the truth of the revolution.

The international community highly praised President Kim Il Sung as the veteran statesman of world politics.

The great personality and international prestige the President enjoyed as a great man transcending ideas, political views, religious beliefs, social systems, languages and nationalities, are encapsulated in the orders, medals, honorary titles and gifts sent to the President from many countries and international organizations.

More than 480 streets, units and organizations in over 100 countries were named after the President, and over 370 orders, medals and honorary titles awarded to him by many countries and international organizations.

He received over 70 000 gifts from party, state and government heads and personages from all walks of life in more than 170 countries the world over.

Ever since the demise of the President, the progressive peoples of the world have awarded orders, medals and honorary titles to him and sent many gifts.

For his undying exploits performed in the cause of global independence President Kim Il Sung will live forever in the minds of humankind.

Foreign Languages Publishing House, DPRK

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