Putting an End to Taxation System

On 20 December Juche 47 (1958), President Kim Il Sung summoned some officials to his office and asked about the kinds of taxes to be received from inhabitants and how much they were.

One of them said to the President that the taxes the state exacted from them were merely small in the sum total of national budget receipts.

Then the President said that the taxation system was a legacy of the old society and it shouldn’t be in our country where the working people became the masters of the country and that taxes should completely be eliminated in the future.

As a result, on 2 March Juche 48 (1959), the law of the DPRK on sharply reducing the agricultural tax in kind to be exacted from agricultural cooperative associations and the decision of the cabinet on generally abolishing the school charges to be paid by students were adopted and, before long since then, even the agricultural tax in kind was completely eliminated.

In March Juche 63 (1974) as the laws and regulations on completely abolishing the taxation system was adopted, even meager income taxes to be paid by workers and office workers were eliminated from April 1 of the same year, which resulted in complete abolition of taxation system.

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