President Kim Il Sung, Sun of the Nation and Great Saint of the Nation 4

“We Are the Happiest in the World”

“We Are the Happiest in the World!” is reverberating far and wide in the DPRK as a song, poem and slogan going over the years and generations.

The song “We Are the Happiest in the World” was composed in Juche 50 (1961).

The words of this song were composed by collective work in order to portray the thoughts and feelings of the people who wanted to sing their boundless happiness after dozens of years since the sorrowful cry of “Let’s wail bitterly and loudly” echoed over the whole country being trampled upon by foreign aggression.

In the song there is a paragraph “Our Father is Marshal Kim Il Sung, Our House is the Bosom of the Party”, which means the boundless gratitude to President Kim Il Sung who built socialism centered on the masses of the people.

Blue is the sky and gay is my heart
The sound of an accordion rings out far and wide
What a wonderful homeland we have
A land filled with harmony and hope
Our father is Marshal Kim Il Sung
Our house is the bosom of the Party
We are all brothers and sisters
We are the happiest in the world

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