Dependable Successors to Revolution

During his visit to the DPRK, a foreign figure was so surprised to see Kim Il Sung University at the foot of Mt Kumsu that he put a question to President Kim Il Sung:

“President, do you feel easy about the university near the presidential office?”

He could not understand it as he had not relaxed his vigilance even for a moment over the youth since they became the biggest nuisance and the youth issue remained as a knotty one that was impossible to resolve.

Reading his mind, the President said that he feels more relieved as university students are near to him, they are dependable successors to the revolution who quest for science in ordinary times and defend the Party with arms in contingency, and his confidence in them is definite.

“It is really amazing!”

When the President concluded his remark, the foreign figure repeated “dependable successors to the revolution” full of admiration and envy.

As there were great trust and love of the President, the Korean youth could bring up into brave warriors for accomplishing the cause of the Juche revolution, who steadily carry forward the lineage of Paektu unperturbed in the face of a raging wind of history.

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