Closing Address at the Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea

Comrade secretaries of primary Party committees,

The Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which is of great significance in vigorously propelling the implementation of the decisions of the Eighth Congress of the Party, has been held successfully amid the special expectations of all Party members and the high political enthusiasm of all its participants.

This conference has set up another milestone in infusing fresh vigour into the strengthening of the entire Party and ensuring more definite realization of the Party’s leadership over the overall socialist construction by rearming the secretaries of primary Party committees, who are in charge of basic organizations and major combat units of the Party, with the ideas, intentions and strategic policies of our Party Central Committee and awakening them so that they can make redoubled efforts.

It has reviewed and analyzed the five-year work for strengthening primary Party committees and advanced important tasks facing their secretaries at present in the successful fulfillment of the sacred mission of our Party, which exists for the people and which serves them, and the ways for implementing the tasks.

Seeing the participants engrossed in the discussion of the agenda with sincere attitude throughout the days of the conference, I have felt their ardent will to absorb to the full the ideas of the Party Central Committee and apply them in the work of their committees so as to bring about a substantial revolutionary improvement in their work. I am gratified by it.

This conference will be etched in the history of our Party building as a meaningful conference in that it has provided a detailed action programme and practical weapon for strengthening the primary committees of the entire Party as required by our developing revolution, and has enriched the theory of our Party building.

Comrade secretaries of primary Party committees,

At this conference the Party Central Committee has advanced the important idea that the secretaries of all primary Party committees should become genuine political workers of the people’s party, their “servant” party.

Primary Party committees may differ from one another in the composition of the Party membership of their units, the sectors they are in charge of and the scope of their work, but the basic duties of their secretaries are the same and clear.

Secretaries of primary Party committees should approach and serve the people with the heart of a mother and with the attitude of their true servant, and carry out the Party’s people-oriented policies without fail–this is the main spirit and main idea of the current conference.

However excellent our Party’s people-oriented policies may be and however clear the ways of implementing them may be, they cannot be carried out effectively and the victorious advance of our socialist construction will be delayed as much if the primary Party organizations fail to play their roles properly.

This is why we liken a Party congress to a design institute and a primary Party committee to a building unit in construction, and proceeding from this, we attach importance to the roles played by secretaries of primary Party committees.

Secretaries of our primary Party committees should naturally conform and subordinate their thinking and action to the plans, intentions, and strategy and tactics of the Party Central Committee. Only then can the advanced struggle tasks be executed one by one and the people will enjoy the resultant benefits.

It is easier said than done for secretaries of primary Party committees to fulfil their responsibilities and duties satisfactorily today when we are faced with many obstacles and difficulties.

They should always be mindful of the spirit of the current conference and the tasks it has advanced for them, and deal with their heavy duties with extraordinary determination, ardent passion and unyielding fortitude.

Those who have been newly appointed should buckle down to their work with firm resolve from the outset, whereas those who have a longer term of service should work in an innovative way with renewed determination.

All of them should be better-versed in the Party’s lines and policies than anybody else and observe, judge and deal with all issues with them as the standard. And they should ensure the progress of their respective units and perfect execution of the Party’s policies through steady thinking, scrupulous organization, dynamic political work and personal examples.

At present the loyalty to the Party and the revolution on the part of secretaries of primary Party committees finds concentrated expression in their absolute and devoted service for the people.

Today our people, as they did yesterday, place their invariable trust in the Party alone, while overcoming all manner of trials and difficulties with an unyielding spirit.

If we are to provide these great and excellent people with a life and wellbeing that is an envy of the world, our Party should shoulder a greater burden and push ahead with the revolution and construction at a faster speed.

Instead of trying simply to endure the unheard-of conditions under which no one else would stand even a day, we are forcefully struggling to attain the ambitious and convincing targets and future we have set and designed for ourselves, and this is just aimed at bringing the centuries-old ideals and dreams of our people into reality at an earlier date; and our Party is unfolding a strong campaign to bring about a revolution in building up the whole ranks of cadres, and this is also aimed at helping them fulfil their responsibilities and duties they have assumed for this historic work as true, faithful servants of the people.

Secretaries of primary Party committees should not forget even a moment that they are there just for the people, and that they should devote their all for the people.

Although the people understand the actual situation of the country and do not express their agonies, they should go deeper among the people, and prove themselves worthy of their expectations with warm human feeling and self-forgetful devotion and further deepen the people’s support to and trust in the Party.

When they read the people’s minds, regard their agonies as their own and devote their true hearts to solve as many problems as possible for them, suffering mental anguish on their own, the masses will feel in their appearances the helping hand and warm care of our Party, a party of the people and a “servant” party for them.

I want to emphasize one more. They should bear in mind that if they are improper in their behaviour before the masses, the masses will give a wide berth to them and not follow them.

Before educating the masses, they should first be careful in their behaviour and purposefully correct the mistakes, if any, guard against the slightest elements of abuse of power, bureaucratism and corruption, and be honest in acquiring qualities appropriate to a genuine political worker of our Party.

Comrade secretaries of primary committees of the Party,

The ideals we have set are great and the struggle tasks are gigantic; and the challenges and obstacles ahead of our advance and development are formidable.

The contemporary tasks to which we have decided to commit ourselves must be accomplished on any account with our own hands and with a renewed struggle that requires greater efforts than those we have devoted so far.

He is a genuine communist who finds the true joy of life and the worth of making a revolution on the road for the people even though it may be an untrodden, arduous path.

Secretaries of primary Party committees and all other Party workers should renew their determination and fortitude, and show the people their fresh look by waging a vigorous do-or-die battle while boldly eradicating non-revolutionary and non-militant elements, and thus turning the Party’s intentions and people-oriented policies into epoch-making realities year after year.

Issuing a militant and ardent appeal for the participants and all other secretaries of primary committees of the entire Party to launch a dynamic struggle in order to live up to the precious honour and heavy responsibility of a political worker of a people’s party, their “servant” party, and to bring earlier the brilliant future when our great people will lead a cultured and rich life to their heart’s content, I declare the Second Conference of Secretaries of Primary Committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea, closed.

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