The Way to Go Whether It Is Hot or Cold

One Sunday in August Juche 107 (2018), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un walked round a comprehensive stock-farm for many hours suspending his rest in order to provide more meat and dairy products to the people.

He began his field guidance to the stock-farm before sun rising and was going to see the beef cattle breeding farm when noon nearly arrived.

Although the officials entreated him never to go in the cattle shed, he said that he should go in and walked toward the gate which the breeders go in and out driving the herds of cattle.

The cattle shed did not have fresh air and it was very slippery. But on the contrary the respected Comrade
Kim Jong Un worried about them who followed after him and let them know where it was slippery while pointing to his traces.

When the officials were feeling so guilty he said to them that recently high temperature went on and today was very scorching, but he felt pleasant to see the stock-farm. Then he told that his way to go was the way to go for the people and that he should go this way unconditionally whether it was hot or cold.

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