Story Associated with Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory

The Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory is located in Sports Village on Chongchun Street in Pyongyang.

The construction of the new and modern factory with a large production capacity which turns out various kinds of sports goods is associated with the meticulous guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who chose the site of the factory, examined its design and mock-up and gave detailed instructions on the construction project, saying that development of sports requires a firm material condition.

In June Juche 105 (2016) he visited the factory and looked round several places of the factory, learning in detail about its construction and production and the variety and quality of its products.

He highly appreciated that it had been built to be convenient for production and rationally equipped with modern equipment to suit its characteristics as producer of different sports goods. He was also very satisfied that it could produce different sports goods in larger quantities as compared to before as its production and business activities were made scientific and IT-based at a high level.

After learning about the operation of the factory which had started normal production following preparatory production, he said: We should manufacture sports goods badly needed for developing the country’s professional sports techniques and making sports mass-based and part of everyday life with our own efforts and technologies and our own raw and other materials. And he saw to it that research was done for domestic production of raw and other materials needed for the production of sports goods.

He also said that the factory should strive to produce quality sports goods to be favoured by people, that he attaches great importance to improving the quality of sports goods, and that for that reason he looked around the less-than-20-metre-long sample products room for 15 minutes to examine the quality of each of the samples.

At the warehouse full of balls, he said with great pleasure that it was flooded with balls and that it was an unusual scene. He highly praised the factory again, saying that thanks to the factory it became possible to provide sportspersons and people with homemade quality sports goods and that he looked round it with satisfaction.

Thanks to his guidance, now the factory mass-produces different kinds of quality Taesongsan-brand sports goods including football, basketball and boxing gloves, thus making a great contribution to the development of the country’s sports and the people’s mass-based sports activities.

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