Mt. Jangsu

Mt Jangsu has been called Hwanghae Kumgang from olden times for the picturesque scenery of mysterious rocks and cliffs, deep valleys and many hills.

Pojok, the major hill in Mt Jangsu situated between Jaeryong and Sinwon counties of South Hwanghae Province, is 745m high.

The name of the mountain originated from the fact that the people in this region live long because of the good air, clean water and various kinds of medicinal herbs in the mountains.

The mountain was called Hongak in spring when azaleas and royal azaleas dye the entire mountain with red colour, Chongak in summer when the mountain is thickly wooded, Phungak in autumn when the whole scene blazes with crimson leaves, and Paegak in winter when the hills are covered with white snow. It was also called Chiak for the large number of phesants.

Mt Jangsu consists of twelve-meanders region, Myoum Temple region and Jangsusan Fortress region.

People find themselves attracted to the beauty spots with the scenic beauty like the Sesim Falls, Yaksu Falls, Samhyongje Falls and historical remains like the Hyon Hermitage and Jangsusan Fortress.

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