School Train

One year, President Kim Il Sung received a letter from a chairman of the management board of a cooperative farm in Ryonhwa village at the foot of the Rangrim mountain range.

The chairman wrote in detail about the actual conditions of his village which had no motorway to speak of and the fact that it caused difficulties in agricultural production of the farm.

The President couldn’t take his eyes off the paragraph that 19 schoolchildren were making tens of kilometers of detour around a mountain because there was only a straight road through the tracks.

He thought that it was important to transport in good time the farming materials needed for the farm, but most primary issue to be resolved in the village was to provide the road to school for the schoolchildren who were suffering inconvenience in their studying for the long way to the school.

He phoned to a senior official right away and said that a school train should be made for the 19 children in the mountainous village.

The official was deeply moved by the President’s loving care for the schoolchildren in an out-of-the-way mountain village.

The news that the President made sure that a school train should be made for the schoolchildren in a remote mountain village spread throughout the country.

True to the lofty intention of the President, the workers and technicians of the Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Factory (at that time) who were assigned to the task made sincere efforts in designing the school train and manufacturing its spare parts.

The workers and farmers in the Ryonhwa village hardened the roadbed of the tracks and planted various kinds of beautiful flowers along the railway.

At last on September 1, the opening day of the school, the train provided by the President arrived at the village.

When the train with the portrait of the President hung on its face passed the bend of the mountain thick with such needle-leaf trees as larch and spruce and arrived at the Ryonhwa station, the villagers stroked the body of the train with tears of gratitude in their eyes.

From the early morning of next day the school train started running along the tracks.

The section of the tracks was not marked on the national railway transport. It was the section for the schooling of the 19 children in the mountain village.

The school train provided by the loving care of President Kim Il Sung who spared nothing for the rising generation is still running, handing down his noble love.

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