Price Set Again

On September 8 Juche 100 (2011) Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Pothongmun Street Fish and Meat Shop newly built and walked toward the live fish counter on the first floor of the shop.

He felt satisfactory to see all the delicious fishes such as sturgeon, Ryongjong fish, eel and catfish, but had a shadow pass over his face looking carefully at the price list on the counter.

Saying that the price was too expensive, he advised that it should be set properly and rationally so that all people could afford to buy fishes as it was the shop he presented to them as a gift.

Officials in the shop thought that the then price was considerably low as compared with the enormous cost they invested in, since the best delicious fishes in tastes and nutrition were hard to breed as they were very few and sensitive to ecological changes. However, they set the fish prices again according to the Chairman’s popular way of calculation that did not take into account the balance of payment for the good of the people.

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