Key to Opening One’s Heart

Saying that the farmers would open their heart, at a meeting to be held, feeling at ease, only when they sat in a room installed with ondol (Korean-style heating system), he stepped into a workteam room for dissemination of information, the room which reeked of boiled cattle feed.

During the meeting he fondly asked the farmers for what they thought grain production had not increased over the recent years, sitting closely with the latters.

At that moment a senior official of the county stood up.

President Kim Il Sung told him to sit down, noting that he would get the opinions of farmers who were directly doing farm work, planting young rice seeds, since both he and the official are people who do not plant rice seeds but travel to see how farm work is done.

Instantly his remarks stirred the audience so deeply: They relaxed their awkward posture and came closer to the President. Then they began to unbosom themselves like children who complain in presence of their parents.

The official was deeply moved to see the farmers speak their minds without reservation.

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