Precious Revolutionary Heritage, Treasure House of Ideology and Theory

The Korean people are now having something to do with priding themselves more and more when socialism is switching over the developmental stage for comprehensive rejuvenation and the struggle for a new victory of revolution is getting spurred under the banner of self-reliance.

It is a great treasure house of ideology and theory which was handed down by Chairman Kim Jong Il, a peerless philosopher and outstanding thinker and theoretician as the noble heritage of his lifetime.

He formulated the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung into Kimilsungism by dint of his gifted wisdom and ceaseless writings throughout his revolutionary lifetime, set it out as the WPK’s top programme to model the whole society on Kimilsungism and gave original and clear-cut answers to the urgent theoretical and practical issues arising at every period and stage of revolutionary development.

Particularly in the late last century when the maneuvers of imperialists and reactionaries against socialism reached an extreme, the Chairman gave perfect solutions to the scientific accuracy of socialism, inevitability of its victory and other principled issues emerged in safeguarding and advancing the socialist cause with his outstanding ideological and theoretical activities, thus making an immortal contribution to the history of mankind.

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