Sample School Uniforms

On January 1, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un called an official of the Party Central Committee. When he arrived, he found Kim Jong Un looking at sample school uniforms with a beaming face.

After a while, Kim Jong Un beckoned to the official. Then, he repeatedly said with satisfaction that the new sample school uniforms to be supplied to the students of primary and junior and senior middle schools and universities across the country had been made well.

Pointing at sample uniforms for girl students of primary school and spring and autumn uniforms for senior middle school students, he said that they looked nice as the jackets had turndown collar and stripe decoration on the edge of the collar. He continued that the school uniforms should be made well after the samples and supplied to students.

He said that if the students wore these school uniforms, their parents would be pleased and the whole country would look brighter.

Thanks to the benevolence of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state, the new school uniforms were supplied in June to all of new students of primary schools and universities and other students across the country from the capital city of Pyongyang to mountainous villages and remote islands.

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