Genuine Patriotism

It happened one day in April Juche 50(1961) when Chairman Kim Jong Il engaged in productive training at the then Pyongyang Textile Machine Manufactory.

Walking into his workshop, an operator saw the Chairman hard working to remove a scratch off a lathe.

He took his file rashly and told him that he would do it.

At that time the Chairman said that a moment earlier he had guessed what our young operators might think when they would take the lathe in charge and that looking at the scratch they would probably think a flaw was in the minds of the lathe No. 26 operators. He awakened him that loving his lathe was an expression of patriotism and those who love their country can ardently love their lathes.

What the Chairman taught him meant that patriotism was never an abstract concept but the mind that values, saves and loves everything of the country.

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