Satisfying Compatriots’ Wish

There is a story which tells about the noble internationalist obligation and warm compatriotism of President Kim Il Sung.

On September 11 Juche 37(1948) he met Rim Chun Chu who was working in Yanbian area, China and acquainted himself with the process of his work.

The President emphasized that primary attention should be directed to strengthening the friendship and solidarity between the peoples of the DPRK and China and that great effort be made for developing the educational and cultural work in Yanbian area.

At that time there were more than twenty middle schools but not a university in Yanbian area. So the Korean and Chinese children could not study at university.

Then, the people were eager to establish a university at Yanji County for education of their children.

Having learnt such situation, the President said that a big university should be built in Yanji area in order to not only satisfy the cherished desire of Korean residents but also strengthen the DPRK-China friendship sealed with blood.

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