Without Discrimination in His Loving Care

It was August 21, Juche 87(1998).

The luncheon arranged in honor of a foreign guest was over. Chairman Kim Jong Il called an official and said that he should make interpreters have good meals even after the function as they might have not enough for interpretation.

It was not for August 21 only.

One winter day, there was a time when the Chairman met a Party delegation from a country and hosted luncheon while he was on his field guidance to Ryanggang Province. At that time his interpreter feigned to take a spoonful of food but never drank wine.

Kindly smiling the Chairman offered a cup of wine to his interpreter saying that it was cold there, so he’d better drink it when he felt cold.

It shows that the relation of the Chairman and his interpreter was the relation between dear father and his lovely child going beyond the relations between leader and his soldiers.

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