Ryongmun Cavern

It is located in Kujang County, North Phyongan Province, which belongs to the Outer Hyangsan section of Mt. Myohyang. Formed 480 million years ago, the largest limestone cavern in the country is something of a wonder of nature.

The 6km-long cavern, with 2 major sections and scores of wings, offers scenery that is fantastic and marvelous, made up of Sokhwadong (stone-flowers section), Cholbyokdong (iron-wall section), Paekhwadong (white-flowers section), Okhwadong and Posokdong (jewel section).

It has scores of sights like the Sokhwa section, Cholbyok section, Paekhwa section, Okhwa section, and Posok section. The maximum height is 40 m and the maximum width 60m. The Ryongmun Plaza resembling a palace is 3 600 square metres. Starting from the Ryongmun Plaza, the sightseeing route forms a ring.

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