The Way to Go at Any Cost

It was one day in August Juche 109(2020).

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un came to see Taechong-ri in Unpha County for the second time since it was flooded and instructed in detail the ways for local people’s living and building their houses. Then he got on his car in order to see disaster situation with his own eyes.

He went to see the farmers like a mother who feels pain over her child’s misfortune and kindly asked them where and how to build their new houses and instructed officials to build farm villages into the ones that would satisfy their need.

He took the way to go for people as the one he has to go at any cost whatever rugged it may be and went muddy way so sliding as to get his car fall in. Seeing him off in tears, the farmers as well as officials said to themselves.

Do not go this rugged way again, please.

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