Ten Minutes

It happened on June 27 Juche 71(1982) when Chairman Kim Jong Il began his field guidance to North Hamgyong and Ryanggang Provinces.

The train entering the Hamhung Station, the Chairman asked a railway official whether or not it had arrived earlier than scheduled.

When he heard it arrived ten minutes earlier, he looked so happy as if he got great.

The official was baffled as he didn’t see the reason. The Chairman told him that the train arrived in good time the moment he apprehended because the vice-premier Ho Dam shouldn’t get his body shaken when he was going to be injected and advised him to make it leave after he was injected.

The Chairman smiled broadly as he was so pleased to get ten minutes at the right moment for the health of his soldier though he did a hundred and a thousand days’ work in a single day for the Party, revolution, country and people. He was really the benevolent father of the people.

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