True Feature of Our Society

One day in September Juche 104(2015), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un came to see the battle site for reconstruction of disaster areas. Saying that he could not sleep over flood victims and would feel at ease when he looked round the reconstruction site in person, he went it round with officials.

Being reported that flood victims who secured their livelihood were shedding tears of emotion thanking the repeated loving care of the Party, he told that the whole Party and society gave dynamic support to Rason city since it had suffered flood damage. He clarified that it is the essential character and excellent virtue of socialism and also the true character of our society filled with noble and beautiful traits.

It is indeed the true feature of our country, the Juche socialism that the noble communist virtue is developing into a national trait under the tender care of the benevolent father. This is the reason why we are advancing with no fear in whatever ordeals.

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