Why He Came in the Evening

On the evening of May 15, when the customers were thinning, the assistants at the Mannyon Pharmacy could not believe their eyes; General Secretary Kim Jong Un, whom they had missed awake or asleep, was entering their pharmacy.

They failed to offer greetings to him properly. Several days ago when an official of the Party Central Committee had dropped in at their pharmacy to learn about the state of its operation, they has been anxious unawares with the thought that if it would alright with him as he, who works near the General Secretary, came to the place where families of persons with fever frequented it. And when they saw the official on TV participating in meetings the General Secretary was presiding over, they could not but feel greater apprehension.

Now this time Kim Jong Un came to their pharmacy.

He asked them in detail what kind of medicines had been supplied to them after the top emergency epidemic prevention system was put into operation, whether medicines were kept as required by regulations, whether the pharmacies had switched over to a 24-hour service system, whether they hold consultations with patients, and what kinds of antipyretics and antibiotics they had.

That evening he also dropped in at the Jangsaeng Pharmacy to acquaint himself with the state of supply of medicines, and repeatedly stressed the accompanying officials the need to correct the weak points in the medicine supply system and took measures for transporting medicines.

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