Indonesia Celebrates DPRK Anniversaries

A Kimilsungia exhibition and DPRK book and photo exhibition were held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on April 11 to celebrate the Day of the Sun and the 53rd anniversary of the Indonesia visit by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and of the naming of Kimilsungia.

Seen at the venue were photos showing the revolutionary activities of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Indonesian personages of various circles and the locals looked round the venue decorated with full-blown Kimilsungias to see the exhibited works of the peerlessly great men, books and photos.

The president of an Indonesian university and other speakers said that it is a great honour to attend an event praising the exploits performed by the peerlessly great men for the development of bilateral ties of friendship together with Korean friends to mark the DPRK anniversaries.

The constant development of friendly ties between the two countries even at present despite the passage of half a century is based on the special relationship between President Sukarno and President Kim Il Sung, they said, adding it is their duty to educate younger generations to carry forward the ties of friendship and cooperation forged by the preceding leaders.

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