Pohyon Temple

Built in 1042, it is one of the temples representing Korean architecture. It was named after Pohyon, a Buddhist saint in charge of the “morals of Buddha”.

It was rebuilt several times over a long period of 1 000 years, and the present one was reconstructed from 1441 to 1775.

The Pohyon Temple, one of the most famous temples in Korea served as an important base for Buddhist propagation.

Originally, it consisted of 24 buildings and pagodas but now there remains Jogye Gate, Haethal Gate, Chonwang Gate, Manse Pavilion, Taeung Hall (main building), Kwanum Hall, Ryongsan Hall, Suchung Temple, octagonal 13-story pagoda, quadrangular 9-story pagoda, archives for the “80 000 Wooden Blocks of the Complete Collection of Buddhist Scriptures” and so on in the area of 50 000 square metres.

During the Korean War over 20 buildings including the main building and tens of thousands of historical remains were destroyed or burnt down by the US bombing. It is all the more famous for natural beauties around it as well as its long history.

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