Foreign Pressman Finished His Interview without Asking

One day in the midst of the Fatherland Liberation War, a foreign pressman who had stayed in our country came to see the supreme command.

He was interested in getting an insight into the war.

When he entered the room where President Kim Il Sung was, he was surprised to catch an unexpected sight: he was looking at something in front of operation map table and a soldier standing by him was talking.

His guide whispered him that the President was checking soldier’s study.

The pressman got stunned to hear him say “study checking” and was once again surprised to hear him explain that the President had intended him and others to study long before they would be sent to learn for rehabilitation construction after the war.

Then, it was clear that he had already felt certain of victory in the war, wasn’t it, he said to himself.

He went out of the room soon calming down the sound of his footsteps.

As he was asked why, the pressman told his guide that he had already finished his work, saying: “The DPRK is the winner of mental confrontation, Comrade Kim Il Sung is envisaging the postwar rehabilitation construction” and that it was the topic he was going to write.

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