Method Born out of Poverty

It happened when President Kim Il Sung attended Yuwen Middle School in Jilin.

The President was so badly off during his school days in Jilin that he found a good method for reading newspapers since it cost much to buy newspaper every day and he wanted to read it without fail.

At that time, there was a library called Niumaxiang in Jilin.

The first reading room of the library was for reading only newspapers. And ten cents as an admission fee for a month was enough to read various kinds of newspapers issued during a month.

The admission fee was not so expensive since many people read a newspaper by turn.

But much money was needed for one to buy one kind of newspaper for a month.

So, the President paid ten cents every month to buy a monthly admission ticket.

He would stop at the library on his way home from school and spend hours reading newspapers with the ticket.

Indeed, it was an excellent method to read many newspapers at little cost.

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