On DPRK Anniversary

September 9 Juche 71(1982) was the 34th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK.

That day Chairman Kim Jong Il arranged a special meeting for anti-Japanese war veterans and officials.

In his presence those present were all filled with emotion.

Looking affectionately at the veterans who had long remained faithful to President Kim Il Sung, he said that September 9 was the day when the Korean people held up their head of state for the first time in their national history, the day when they elected the fatherly leader as head of state.

A sentimental look of reminiscence appeared on the faces of the veterans who had made a long journey of revolution following the President since the period of the anti-Japanese revolution.

Though it may be easy to say, it is not easy to become head of state at one’s 30s, he said, adding it was just what only the President could do. And he called on them to work hard to lighten the workload of the President and defend his exploits and carry on the traditions he established.

The day of founding the DPRK was a great auspicious day when the great leader was acclaimed as the first head of state of the country and the proud course covered by the DPRK was just part of the noble career of the President.

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