With Boundless Reverence for the Sun

Animals and plants presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il as gifts mirror the great admiration and reverence of the world people for him.

The Chairman received over 220 species of animals as gifts. Among them are black and white rhinoceroses that are known as rare animals in the world and were presented by the former president of Zimbabwe and several horses from a former Mongolian president.

The director of the Skansen Aquarium in Sweden presented a complete aquarium with not only animals from his own but also rare ones in the world he purchased in other countries.

Others include those from the Kuwaiti Zoo, the director of the Prague Zoo of the Czech Republic and many other personages, south Korean people and overseas Koreans.

Gift plants of over 480 species the Chairman received also show the ardent feeling of praise and reverence for the great man.

Kimjongilia, which was presented as a gift by Kamo Mototeru, a famous Japanese horticulturist, in February Juche 77(1988), is now in full bloom as the immortal flower of the Sun in many countries and regions.

Former Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, former president of Mozambique Joaquim Alberto Chissano and other personages of political, social and financial circles in many countries presented beautiful plants to the Chairman as gifts.

The gift plants are growing healthily under the special care of the Korean people who want to hand the deep sincerity and devotion of humankind down to posterity.

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