Though School Has an Advantageous Position

In the afternoon of January 9, Juche 58(1969), a car in which Chairman Kim Jong Il got on stopped at a mountain village of Anju City.

He got off the car and looked at the one-storied school building around and said that it was well situated and that much clean in shape. But suddenly he paused his talking and gazed at the playground of the school.

Looking about officials, he said that though the school was well situated and clean, it had not many sports equipment and that it must have a plenty of equipment for sports activities of students. And he advised them that the management committee of the farm should pay attention to the school work and send the sports equipment that was short.

And he added that if trees were planted around the school, it would be good to see them and students could foster the habit of taking good care of them.

His instruction meant that there should not be any carelessness in the work of rearing the new generation to reliably shoulder the future destiny of the country.

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