You Deserve to Live in New Home

On his visit to newly built Changjon Street in Pyongyang on September 4, Juche 101 (2012), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un called on the family of a lecturer at the Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering.

The family members failed to offer greeting to him properly as they were unexpectedly honoured with the meeting with him just after returning home from work.

The Supreme Leader stepped into the flat with a broad smile and intimately asked them when they moved into the new house and if they felt any inconvenience in living.

While looking round the apartment from the bright and neat living rooms to kitchen, he turned on the tap in the washroom to see if the water came out properly, his eyes shining with paternal affection all along.

He seated himself on the floor of the room in a friendly manner together with the family members, declining the cushion offered by the mistress.

He said that after being informed that those who moved into Changjon Street were all happy, he had tried to visit it, but he had been so busy he could come only then. And he asked them if they liked the new home.

They unanimously said the flat was built so wonderfully they loved everything of it such as the make-up of the flat and furniture.

He said he felt relieved as the owners liked it and though it is a national custom to visit the owner of a new house with a box of match, he thought that was insufficient, so he had prepared some household articles, before presenting them to the family.

They were at a loss with excitement and joy, only stroking the gifts—a large LCD TV set, various vessels with floriated designs and collections of world-famous juvenile stories that would be given to children who would be born.

The Supreme Leader saw them affectionately and smilingly.

As he asked them about their jobs, he was very satisfied to hear that the owner, wife and two daughters were all teachers.

He was so glad to get acquainted with the family of teachers who dedicate their conscience to the education of rising generations, the future of the country, whether  they are supervised or not and whether they are appreciated or not.

He had always wanted to give preference to such admirable families and ensure they were granted social benefits preferentially.

Seeing the family expressing their gratitude for the gifts with deep emotion, he said the families of educators should be respected most and given preferential treatment in our society and the family deserved to live in the new home.

The remarks were filled with great love for and deep trust in the teachers’ family who faithfully support the noble idea of love for younger generations of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

He continued to say to the following effect:

Like the roots of a big tree, we cannot see the devotion and sincerity dedicated by teachers at present, but they are brought to light by the younger generations who will contribute to national prosperity in the future. This family is a patriotic one who dedicate their conscience to bringing up the future of the country. It is a rewarding visit.

That day the Supreme Leader had a photo taken with the family.

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