Let the People’s Army Highly Demonstrate Its Militant Mettle in the Construction of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm for the People of South Hamgyong Province

Speech at the Ground-breaking Ceremony for the Construction of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm February 18, Juche 111 (2022)


Today, on the road of great creation for the people, we have greeted another dignified and worthwhile moment.

Some days ago we launched into building 10 000 flats in the capital city for 2022, which is of great significance in solving the housing problem for the people of the city. And today a ground-breaking ceremony is being held for the building of a large-scale greenhouse farm that will contribute greatly to the living of the people in the city of Hamhung and South Hamgyong Province. The Central Committee of our Party and the government of our Republic regard this as a very auspicious and honourable thing.

First of all, I extend a militant salute to the service personnel and other builders, who have come to the project site with a determination to render a contribution to promoting the people’s wellbeing by successfully carrying out the top-priority project in the construction policy of our Party and state.


The Central Committee of our Party has always regarded it as a matter of crucial importance to solve the problem of vegetable supply for the people in Hamhung, a major industrial and science city in the country, and in South Hamgyong Province. For several years it has thought about building a modern greenhouse farm here, and promoted it in a planned way.

Having decided to turn a major military base on the eastern front into a modern vegetable production base that will serve the working class and scientists in Hamhung and other people in South Hamgyong Province, who are making strenuous efforts as they have undertaken a great share in the development of the country’s economy and science and technology, the Party, at the Fourth Plenary Meeting of its Eighth Central Committee, identified the construction of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm as a most important project for this year.

And it finally confirmed the project site and indicated the orientation of its construction on the spot, organized a powerful project headquarters and made preparations for its full-steam construction. So we are holding this meaningful ground-breaking ceremony today.

This construction to be undertaken according to the intention of the Party Central Committee is an important creative project for building a modern farm that would make a great contribution to improving the people’s living standards, that is, for creating another new standard in implementing the Party’s policy of building greenhouse farms.

If we are to supply our people with sufficient amounts of fresh vegetables all year round in the natural and climate conditions in our country, we should build greenhouses in a large number and put vegetable production on a modern, intensive and industrial footing.

This is why we started building a large-scale greenhouse farm in North Hamgyong Province, where vegetable farming is less effective than other regions, and saw to it that valuable experiences were accumulated through the project.

The construction of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm we are now starting is a very important undertaking which will promote large-scale construction of greenhouse farms, which began in North Hamgyong Province, full steam ahead and at a new stage.

The Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm, the largest and modern greenhouse farm in our country at present, will be twice the size and production capacity of the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm which was inaugurated two years ago, and it will be kitted out with much more advanced technology and equipment with regard to nutrition supply, environment management and automation of production processes.

In addition to this, about 1 000 houses of new and varied forms and all the public structures including schools, hall of culture and comprehensive service facilities will be built in a characteristic way to form a new farm district which encapsulates the civilization of our era.

It is the Party Central Committee’s intention to build the greenhouse farm into a large-scale vegetable farm with the production capacity of tens of thousands of tons, at the same time as a textbook farm for disseminating advanced agricultural technology, a new base for the creation of the rural civilization of our style and a cultured socialist farm good to work and live in both in name and in reality; its intention is also to push ahead with the country’s overall rural development more dynamically and more confidently with the farm as the standard and beacon.

If a modern greenhouse farm which has been considered to be something ideal, something in the future, is built soon in this place which is currently dominated by gales from the sea, it will give greater confidence and inspiration to all the people across the country, to say nothing of the Hamhung citizens and other people in South Hamgyong Province.

It is a great honour for you, the officers and men of our army, to undertake the construction of such a significant farm as a whole.

You already accumulated valuable experiences in building a modern greenhouse farm and, in particular, you fully demonstrated the spirit of devoted service to the country and the people and pure conscience befitting soldiers through its construction. The Party Central Committee took this into consideration when it decided to task you with the construction of this greenhouse farm.

As you built the splendid Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm by devoting honest sweat and sincerity as you would do to your own parents and siblings, the Chongjin citizens and other people in North Hamgyong Province are now enjoying benefits from the farm and are pleased that the vegetable problem, which was one of the biggest troubles in their living, has been solved to a great extent.

This time you should give such a pleasure to the Hamhung citizens and other people in South Hamgyong Province.

Mindful of the intention and expectation of the Party that has called you to this project, you should build with credit the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm by the founding anniversary of the Party this year, by giving full play to the militant mettle of the revolutionary army.

If you are to finish the project in a matter of 230-odd days until the founding anniversary of the Party, you should launch a fierce construction campaign with unusual preparedness and determination, which are different from the ones with which you worked at Jungphyong and audaciously innovate again yesterday’s standard and mode of construction. Thus you can generate the Ryonpho spirit of creation and raise a hot wind of Ryonpho true to the meaning of the words.

Precedence should always be given to political work aimed at heightening and amplifying the spiritual strength of the masses of soldiers, the absolute superiority and the source of invincible strength of our army, and organization of and command over the project should be conducted in an elaborate and high-spirited manner–in an army-like way. Then the whole construction site will seethe with militant mettle and the zeal for creating new miracles.

During construction you, officers and men of the army, should strengthen cooperation while competing with one another, proactively share good experiences and advanced building techniques, economize on building materials to the maximum and keep clean the area surrounding the construction site. By doing so, you can ensure that another new culture of construction in our era is created by the People’s Army.

Although you have moved to a different theatre of operations and combat, you should keep in mind the fact that now you are standing at the very forefront for cementing more solidly our great army-people unity, which is more powerful than any kind of strategic weapon. And you should exert yourselves to bring to completion as soon as possible the greenhouse farm for which the people are waiting with a pleasant mind.

As I have always stressed, you should ensure the highest level of quality without fail in building a greenhouse farm.

Just as you already built the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and carried out several other major projects in a flawless manner, you should, this time again, devote sincere efforts and apply meticulous building techniques to every process and detail of the project, with the mindset that you are setting up buildings in which your parents and siblings will work and live.

In a word, you should present the farm to the people by building it into a ten-out-of-ten architectural structure not only in the aspects of its functions and architectural aesthetic beauty but also in quality.

South Hamgyong Province should actively join in the project.

Although the People’s Army takes full charge of the project, it is none other than the province itself that will benefit from it in future, and so it is natural that the province should contribute to it as much as possible.

The province should provide enough aggregate so that the soldier builders can push ahead with the project without a hitch and create windbreaks in conformity with the geographical features of the coastal area. The province should offer every other possible assistance for the vigorous promotion of the project.

As this greenhouse farm is to be built on a highly modern basis, it is especially important to ensure that the technical personnel are well-prepared.

The South Hamgyong Provincial Party Committee and the agricultural guidance organs should properly build the ranks of the farm’s management staff, technicians and employees, and make sure that they are technically well-prepared while providing all the management materials including vegetable seeds and farming equipment before the completion of the project. By doing so, from next year, they can supply vegetables mass-produced here to the Hamhung citizens on a regular basis.

The Party Central Committee demands that an exemplar of construction guidance be created in this project.

Well-knit work and guidance systems should be established for the project headquarters, field guidance teams and all the departments, and officials should work in a far-sighted and responsible manner, so as to ensure that the project is pushed forward in strict accordance with the schedule and standard set by the Party.


Here and now, we see the ranks of elite units of our People’s Army standing in fine and proud array, and we will see a sea of greenhouses standing just like them some months later, a treasure farm for our people, which will be something rare to be seen in the world, and a sea change will be brought about in the Ryonpho area.

Imagining in our mind’s eye a merry laughter that will tinkle in each of our people’s houses and looking forward to the bright future of our country which will become more prosperous by that laughter, let us all exert ourselves to set up structures for our people as early as possible.

The Party Central Committee has ordered the courageous officers and men of the People’s Army to present a perfect, modern greenhouse farm to the people as gift to them. I firmly believe that you will carry out the order with credit by working with all the militant mettle of the revolutionary army upholding the slogan “We serve the country and the people!” with burning hearts.

Glory to the course of devoted struggle of our army that is absolutely faithful to the people!

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