Photo Session with Meritorious Workers and Labour Innovators

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the DPRK, met meritorious workers and labour innovators who performed distinguished feats in the struggle of the first year for implementing the decisions made at the Party Congress, and had a significant photo session with them.

The participants were greatly excited to be honoured to have a photo taken at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the supreme sanctuary of Juche, on the morning of New Year’s Day in 2022 in the presence of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un of the WPK whom they had missed even in their dreams.

When the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un arrived, they enthusiastically cheered the great father who brought about miraculous victory to be specially recorded in the history of socialist construction with his energetic revolutionary leadership all the year round but counted all those achievements as the credit of the people and repeatedly bestowed the greatest honour and considerations on the ordinary workers who had done what they ought to do.

The General Secretary warmly shook hands and gave pep talks to those meritorious workers and labour innovators who had made valuable achievements at their posts and workplaces with absolute loyalty to the Party and the revolution and with strenuous efforts to contribute to crowning the year 2021 with success.

He had a photo taken with them, expressing his expectation that all the participants would continue to creditably perform core and pioneer roles in the New Year’s gigantic struggle to provide a sure guarantee for implementing the five-year plan and to bring about an obvious change in the development of the country and the people’s living standards.

As the photo session was over, the highly-excited participants broke into thunderous cheers of “Hurrah!” again, running into the arms of the kind-hearted Marshal Kim Jong Un and presenting an impressive scene of inseparable bonds of kindred feelings.

All the participants renewed their firm pledge to bear deep in mind the great loving care and trust of the General Secretary and make a contribution to winning a new great victory through the all-people general onward march for the prosperity of their socialist country.


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