For the Sake of People

General Secretary Kim Jong Un of the Workers’ Party of Korea is on an endless journey of on-site guidance for the good of the people, rain or shine.

When he was visiting the construction site of the Okryu Children’s Hospital on July 16, Juche 102 (2013), it was raining. His clothes and shoes were soaked in rain, but he acquainted himself with the progress of construction and solved problems arising in the operation and management of the hospital, making his way through the muddy construction site.

Late in September Juche 102 (2013), he inspected the construction site of the apartment houses for lecturers of Kim Il Sung University nearing completion. After looking round the interior of flats, he urged his accompanying officials to go up to a resting ground laid out on the 16th floor.

An official asked him to go upstairs later as the lift installed was still on trial.

Saying that it did not matter for him, the General Secretary told the former that he would go upstairs for an exercise.

Although the air was heavy with moisture as the apartment house was still under construction, he walked up on more than 200 stairs one after another ahead of others.

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