President’s Acknowledgement

Here is what Sam Nzoma, the former Namibian president said to his resistance combatants concerning the motto of revolutionary struggle after having received a valuable teaching from President Kim Il Sung in the most arduous period of the struggle for national independence.

“I will look up to the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung as my mentor throughout my lifetime.”

In September 1992, he visited the DPRK with delight and pride of independence and respectfully conveyed to the President the thankful salutation of Namibian people who started advancing toward the road of independence.

In his meeting with the President, he said: “If Comrade President Kim Il Sung had not taught us and assisted Namibia materially and morally, it would have remained the one and only colonial country in the African continent. Comrade President Kim Il Sung helped us most energetically when we were in a miserable plight. He is the mentor and savior of Namibian people.”

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