May Day Celebrated in DPRK

The Korean working people who have turned out to further accelerate the advance of the Korean revolution under the banner of self-reliance celebrated May Day.

A national meeting took place at the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex to mark the 128th anniversary of the international holiday of all the working people over the world.

Central art troupes gave concerts, circus and jugglery shows and song and dance performances at theatres, parks and pleasure grounds in Pyongyang, the capital city of Juche Korea.

All the workplaces of the DPRK pulsating with the spirit of Mallima, including factories and cooperative farms seething with the drives for increased production and scientific research bases in which a campaign to break through the cutting edge is briskly carried on, were filled with the joy and optimism of the working people who lead a worthwhile life as the genuine creators of working life and the enjoyers of socialist civilization.

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