Music Information Service Centre Filled with Song of Love for People

The Hana Music Information Centre is associated with the warm love of Chairman Kim Jong Il who wanted to give more and more to the people.

One chilly day of winter in December Juche 100(2011) he visited the Hana Music Information Centre built as a multi-purpose music information service base and felt so satisfied at its wonderful building. 

Walking into a multi-channel audio-video room, he said it was nicely equipped enough to have an effect like sitting in a theatre to hear the music. And he said that he would send to the center all the musical works he had collected one by one for dozens of years in the course of leading the revolution and construction. He asked the officials to input all the music, so that the people could appreciate and make use of them.

The songs of love for the people sent by the Chairman who had achieved an immortal exploit for cultural and leisure lives of the people and development of Juche-oriented music and art will endlessly reverberate.

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