Letter of Apology Buried in Insam Field

It happened in late March Juche 27(1938) when a unit of the Korean People`s Revolutionary Army was billeted around Xigang of Fusong Prefecture on its march toward Chang Bai and Lin Jiang regions.

President Kim Il Sung was reported that a few soldiers unearthed Insam without any approval of the owner and strictly reproached them, having asked from when they started touching the people`s property.

Immediately after his reproach, Party cell meeting and branch meeting of Anti-Japanese Youth Union were held respectively to criticize the soldiers. After the meetings were over, they went to the field and buried an envelope wrapped in oily paper which included a letter of apology and enough money to pay for Insam.

This story is part of anecdotes about the President’s loving care for people endlessly recorded in the annals of his revolutionary history shining resplendent with believing in people as in heaven.

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