1 000-ri Journey Shining with Exploits of National Liberation

In Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, there is the Arch of Triumph that hands down President Kim Il Sung`s exploits of national liberation.

Carved on its walls are the lyrics of the immortal revolutionary hymn Song of General Kim Il Sung and the letters “1925” and “1945”.

On January 22 Juche 14(1925), the President set on the 1 000-ri journey for national liberation with a lofty aim of liberating the country.

The world`s progressive people highly praised that the 1 000-ri journey for national liberation by President Kim Il Sung was not an easy trip that anyone can make and there has been no such a general or great man in the world like him who set out on the road of revolution in his teens with a great ambition to liberate the country and endured hardships going hungry and sleeping outdoors just for the prosperity and future of the country and nation.

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