Traces of Women Left in the Road of Patriotism

Women have been contributing to national prosperity since the Law on Sex Equality was adopted and social trend of attaching importance to and respecting them established in the DPRK.

Among them are a Kangson girl who became the true mother of seven orphans at her young age of 20, a merited weaver of the Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill renowned as a new record breaker in the course of a multi-machine tending campaign, and a senior ophthalmologist of the North Hwanghae Provincial People`s Hospital who restored sight to many blind people with her warm care and high medical practice. Today, a large number of women including them are ceaselessly travelling the path of patriotic devotion thinking the state affairs first before their family affairs. 

Women of the DPRK are taking an active part in state affairs and social activities as masters of the country and feeling dignity and pride in their great contribution to the development of society.

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