DPRK Puts Public Health First

The world gives wide publicity to the anti-epidemic measures and medical care system adopted in the DPRK, gazing in a mixture of envy and admiration at it which effectively controls COVID-19, a global epidemic.

An article titled “Surprising truth behind ‘zero` infection in the DPRK” was posted on a website.  It said that the DPRK sealed its border for the first time and concentrated efforts on ensuring unified assignment and overall uniformity in thoroughly preventing COVID-19, strictly and unconditionally maintaining this principle in the face of increasing difficulties. This spirit of the DPRK putting public health first should not merely be admired, but be modelled on, it added.

An article on an internet homage in China attracted particular interest of its visitors, which said:
“The DPRK, in which a free medical care system is in force, has established a prevention-oriented medical service system.

“Whenever epidemics broke out in the international community, it strengthened the anti-epidemic system as a powerful means to cope with them.

“The COVID-19-related measures the DPRK has taken since the epidemic occurred were so timely that they can be claimed to be the most direct expression of its implementation and application of the people-first principle of the Workers’ Party of Korea.”

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