Great Man’s Old School Tells about Patriotism

Changdok School is the school that keeps part of President Kim Il Sung`s revolutionary life.

Having kept as his motto a word of his father Kim Hyong Jik that he must be well aware of his country in order to regain it from Japanese imperialists, the President returned to his homeland by walking 250-mile journey for learning and studied in Changdok School from April Juche 12(1923) to January Juche 14(1925).

On October 28, 1945 after national liberation, the President visited the school and told in retrospect that his time in Changdok School was a significant period in his life and his patriotic feeling matured in the school gave him a great confidence and inexhaustible fighting spirit when he conducted his anti-Japanese armed struggle.

Till today, Changdok School is telling about his immortal exploits for his country and people.

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