Undok Branch School

In September Juche 65(1976) when President Kim Il Sung gave on-the-spot guidance to the Sinhung Co-operative Farm in Yonthan County, he founded a one-storied elegant building erected at the foot of a mountain and asked officials what it was.

The officials replied that it was the house newly built in reflection of the sincere mind of the provincial people who wanted the President to have even a moment of rest free from his usual walking along the field paths. Having heard it, the President told them that he did not need it and preferred to be with the people.

After a while, he asked the officials if there was any school around. Having heard that a school was located at about 4 kilometers off, he said that the distance for attending school seemed to be far away. Then, he instructed them to use the house as a branch school for pupils of the primary course.

This is how the Undok Branch of the Sinhung Senior Middle School of Yonthan County came into being.

Having visited this branch school, the foreigners did not repress their admiration, saying it was never seen in history that the head of state of a country bestowed such a loving care upon the pupils.

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