Noble Personality Attracts All the People (4)

Humberto Ortiz Flores, general manager of the Voluntad Publishing House of Ecuador, had taken the road to a new life since embraced in the bosom of President Kim Il Sung.

One day in October Juche 63(1974), the President met him who was on a visit to the DPRK. He recognized his long journey and had a meaningful photo taken with him. Having thanked him for his effort to support the Korean people in the cause of national reunification with publications in Latin America, he treated him kindly, saying as though he met an old friend.

The President kindly called him his friend and told him to come to the DPRK so often. He continued saying that he had to take his wife and children for his next visit and then he would have a better time with them in a family atmosphere.

Looking back upon the impressive day, he said:
“I found the look of the peerlessly great man I`d looked for over the past fifty years from the personality of President Kim Il Sung. His quality was so venerable as to go beyond the world of a sage I ever missed in dozens of times. His bosom was the fatherly bosom, that of eternal life to which all the people would trust their whole life and follow.”

Fully fascinated by the personality of the President as a great man, Flores devoted the whole of his life to widely disseminating the Juche idea toward the world and made his son and daughter follow him.

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