Tower of Juche Idea Shining All over the World

The Tower of the Juche Idea erected imposingly on the bank of Taedong River in Pyongyang, capital city of the DPRK, is shining as a symbol of independent era handing down to posterity the ideological exploit of President Kim Il Sung who opened a new history of independence by creating the immortal Juche idea. It is also shining as undying torch in the heart of the progressive mankind who aspires for truth and justice. 

The president of a country who looked round the Tower of the Juche Idea said that people often spoke of “Seven Wonders”, “Five Wonders” and “Three Wonders”. and they had to hold the Tower of the Juche Idea on the top of those Wonders. The Tower of the Juche Idea is the standard of all monuments, he praised.

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